A-Project act as an auction agent in the USS auction English website

where we can find you any Japanese Used Car you are looking for.

Step 1

Inform us your desire to use this service through email. >>>Click here for contact information

Step 2
We then inform you yours ID and password for accessing the website.
Step 3

You can browse and search for vehicles in the website. For your reference >>>Click here

Step 4

Inform us the number of the car you have chosen together with your desired bidding price.

Step 5

Wire your bidding price,freight and our handling charge of 50 thousand yen to our bank account.

Step 6

We bid at the auction on your behalf.

Step 7

We then send you pictures of your vehicle,take your vehicle to the port, arrange a ship to carry it to your desired port and inform you the schedule of the ship

Step 8

We send you by post the Bill of Lading (BL) and cancellation of registry documents.

Click here to see a demonstration on how we do our auction. >>> Our Auction Demo

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