Methods of buying Used Cars from Japan

Get quotations and car searching method

Step 1

In this case,you need to tell us detaied information about car type,year of make grade,mileage and your desired bidding price. Click here to see our contact information

Step 2

We will then send you pictures images of the cars that meet your desired price in the quotation together with market price information in Japan. However,since these picture images are just for reference. there is no guarantee that you can buy the exact car portrayed in the picture. In the quotation, we indicate not only car price but also freight charge etc. Basically our company handles everything as FOB.

Step 3

Examine the guotation results and makes an order In that case,write the money (TT) started in the quotation to our bank account in Japanese yen.

Step 4

We will send you pictures of your vehicle,take your vehicle to the port,arrange a ship to carry it to your desired port and inform you the schedule of the ship.

Step 5

We then send you by port the Bill of Lading(BL) and cancellation of registry documents.

Click here to see a demonstration on how we do our auction    >>> Our Auction Demo

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