japan traders

alinineJapan Traders acts as a branch office for A-Project, a joint stock company that deals in Japanese used cars, in Malawi. A-Project is a legitimate member of various used car auction centers in Japan and has been in the business since the year 2003.
In order to reduce the burden encountered by our various customers worldwide, we decided to directly open up branches and work closely with people who can facilitate and ease up the entire process of buying cars from us.
Malawians willing to buy Japanese used car from us should contact Mr G.R. NGOSI at
P.O. Box 2878 Blantyre

He will be happy to assist you any infromation you want.

The advantages of using our branch office are:
1. You can get quotations for the vehicles you want within a short period of time (1 week).     The quotation will include freight and all the total costs to be met before acquiring the     vehicle. Freight charges will be for only Daares-alam and Durban.
2. When you decie to buy the vehicle from us through our branch office, payment can      be done using the local currency at our branch office. And in addition, if you may not      have time to go and collect the cars to the designated port, Japan Traders and its      trusted staff will do the work on your behalf and have the car deliveried at your door      step.


president “Hi. I am the president of A-Project and we look forward to serving you.”
... President: Kitahara

vice president “I am the manager of our company . I will help you find the car you want.”
... Manager: Arai

We are really looking forward to serving you.

... A-Project staff