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Joint-Stock Company A-project

We are legitimate member of many Japanese Used Car Auction Center in Japan and we can confidently supply you with any kind of Japanese used car that suites your country's needs at a reasonable price.   >>>see some of our stock

our awards

 certificate   approved shop

We are have a professional car assesment personnel recognized by the Japanese Gorvernmenet

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1-14-1 Annaka
Annaka City Guma Ken
379-0116 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-273-81-4368
FAX: +81-273-81-5181
E-mail: kitahara@kproject.co.jp


We can examine a car's condition, accident records and maintenance condition.
We have professional car assessment personnel recognized by the Japanese goverment who can correctly evaluate prices and export to foreign countries.

It is cheaper to directly buy Japanese Used Cars in Japan. For old used cars in Japan,there isn't much value. For example,cars with year of make of over 10 years, which aren't that popular in Japan, prices range to a few 10 thousand yen. In Japan so many auction places open everyday and each time hundreds and thousand of cars get to the market continually. We can find you any kind of car that suites your budget from this vast market.